Golden Hour
Mobile Modular

The Golden Hour MMH is a rapid deployment mobile modular hospital which consist of 2in1 and 3in1 modules transportable via air, sea or land as standard 20ft containers. All modules have 20 minutes deployment and repack time. Modules can be used independently or as a part of modular hospital.

Golden Hour R2B

IM – Intermediate Module

ICM – Intentsive Care Module

ERM – Emergency Room Module

STM – Sterilization Module

CTM – Computer Tomography Module

ORM – Operating Room Module

REM – Resource Module

MSR – Medical Storage Room

WARD/TRIAGE – Tent Module


Operating Room Module


ORM is the operating theatre of the MMH. it is equipped with 2 workstations for up to 8 people. Workstations are specially designed for preventive actions for life threating injures in the “golden hour” timeframe.


Intermediate Module


IM is a multifunctional central module. It serves as a hub between other modules and tents and is capable of distributing communications like power, gas and Ethernet.

Main task for IM is to provide sturdy connection between the other modules and storage place for tertiary devices and inventory.


Medical Storage Room


Medical Storage Room can be built for blood or plasma storage, drug storage, narcotics storage, expendable medical or surgical materials, organ preservation or for all aforesaid elements at once.


Computer Tomography Module


CTM or Computer Tomography Module is designed for rapid pan or selective radiography for multiple trauma patient. This stand-alone unit includes all necessary services for highest grade of radiology and DICOM services.


Sterilisation Module


STM is a sterilisation unit for a Role2B hospital. It is designed to support full R2B Field hospital with instrument sterilization services.

STM can be made autonomous with its own power- and steam generators. Module includes washers-disinfectors, steam autoclaves, instrument storage and transportation carts and accompanying workstations.


Emergency Room Module


ERM or Emergency Room Module is designed for fast polytrauma treatment, it can have up to four workstations with full trauma room device support.

ERM can be used in fully autonomous mode, as it has built in oxygen, medical air and power support. This unit also contains automated area disinfection for rapid deployment.


Resource Module


Resource module provides clean water extra power to the MMH. This means that all other individual module generators can be switched off for more comfortable operation. Also clean can be provided for scrubs and basins


Intensive Care Module


Intensive Care Module is primarily designed for up 4 highest level ICU beds, but can accommodate extra two of second level ICU beds.

Highest level ICU stations include: Ventilators, Monitors, Defibrillators, perfusors, blood transfusion equipment, nursing equipment and medical gas distribution lines.


Cooperation Partners


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