Computer Tomography Module


  • CT up 640 slices
  • Whole body scan time 20 sec.
  • Wide patient table
  • Protective Shielding
  • Operator Room
  • DICOM Services
  • Built in generator and ultracapacitors
  • US and X-ray devices

CTM or Computer Tomography Module is designed for rapid pan or selective radiography for multiple trauma patient. This stand-alone unit includes all necessary services for highest grade of radiology and DICOM services.

CTM includes all necessary DICOM services and is capable for serving the pictures to the rest of the MMH or into higher level of medical care. This makes possible to recall pictures from any information screens or workstations in the whole MMH. CTM has a built-in generator, which makes it possible to use it as a standalone unit.

Using pan or selective computed tomography (CT) scan in management of multiple trauma patient is a matter of debate.

Unit has built in levelling legs, which makes loading and unloading a unit from a truck or barrow possible without extra cranes or lifting units. All MMH modules are ISO 1CC Certified for easy transportation via sea, land and air.