Emergency Room Module


  • 2-4 polytrauma workstations
  • Up to 5 persons for each trauma team
  • Oxygen generator
  • Medical air compressor
  • HEPA ventilation
  • Humidity and temperature control
  • Diagnostic touch screen displays
  • Surgical lighting
  • Power generator


Trauma workstations are fully equipped:

  • Monitors
  • Ventilators
  • Perfusors
  • Aspirators
  • Defibrillators
  • Infusion warmers and coolers
  • Etc.

ERM or Emergency Room Module is designed for fast polytrauma treatment, it can have up to four workstations with full trauma room device support.

ERM can be used in fully autonomous mode, as it has built in oxygen, medical air and power support. This unit also contains automated area disinfection for rapid deployment.

ERM includes all necessary medical equipment for each trauma station: vital signs monitors, perfusors, ventilators, aspirators, surgical instruments, defibrillators, drug holding, infusion warmers and transfusion equipment etc.

ERM is also equipped with Automated Area Decontamination and Disinfection (AAD), witch gives fast disinfection times between the procedures.

Unit has built in levelling legs, which makes loading and unloading a unit from a truck or barrow possible without extra cranes or lifting units. All MMH modules are ISO 1CC Certified for easy transportation via sea, land and air.