Intermediate Module


  • HUB
  • Triage (with tent)
  • Ward (with up to 3 tents)
  • Storage space (user customizable)
  • Additional ventilation, heating and cooling
  • Up to 4 connection tunnels with ramps
  • Built in lifting system
  • 360 Outdoor lighting

IM is a multifunctional central module. It serves as a hub between other modules and tents and is capable of distributing communications like power, gas and Ethernet.

Main task for IM is to provide sturdy connection between the other modules and storage place for tertiary devices and inventory.

IM can be equipped either with tents or can be used for different types of furniture for making the connection between the modules as smooth as possible.

When IM is equipped with two tents and ward stretchers it can be easily used as up to 50 patient wards. It can also be used as a holding compartment for the equipment that must populate the tents that are stationed here. IM is usually used for ward and triage tents and connections between the rest of the MMH.

In addition, it’s possible to add extra ventilation and/or heating/cooling units to this module, to provide extra climate control for third party tents and/or containers. Tent module holds one or two tents that can be extended to the container sides. Usually 10×6 meter tents can each hold up to 16 cots. Tent module contains also heating and cooling for the tents. Tents can be used as an infirmary, ward and/or triage unit.

Unit has built in levelling legs, which makes loading and unloading a unit from a truck or barrow possible without extra cranes or lifting units. All MMH modules are ISO 1CC Certified for easy transportation via sea, land and air.